. Nathanaëlle Herbelin

Born in 1989 in Israel, Nathanaëlle Herbelin lives and works in Paris since 2011.

The French-Israeli artist Nathanaëlle Herbelin learnt to paint in Israel with Russians teachers. The desert and the silence, that she explored in Israel, appear in her works in the form of light melancholy.

In 2011 she started studying at the ENSBA (École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts) in Paris in Philippe Cognée’s and Tim Eitel’s atelier. Although, in the early stages, her paintings represented French and Israeli landscapes, in a second time, she started painting interiors in which the human absence is flagrant. Today she includes also figures and confrontation with models from live observation.

She makes her own image of the reality through staged scenes and associations of images of same objects seen from different viewpoints, leaving sometimes ghosts persisting on the canvas.

She is represented by Jousse Entreprise gallery, Paris.

In this last two years, Nathaneëlle Herbelin participated in the following exhibitions :

2018 : Slightly Seared on the Reality Grill, goup exhibitions, London ; NGORONGORO II, goup exhibitions, Berlin

2017 : VERSION solo show at Jousse Entreprise Gallery, Paris ; Nos ombres devant nous, goup exhibitions, Ricard foundation, Paris ; RÊVEZ # 2, goup exhibitions, Collection Lambert à Avignon, Avignon ; Alone Together, goup exhibitions, H Gallery, Paris ;  Felicita 17, goup exhibitions, Palais des expositions des Beaux arts, Paris ; “Premier Degré” – Scpo pour l’art contemporain prize, Science-politic university, Paris ; Micro salon #7, goup exhibitions, L’Inlassable galerie, Paris ; Collection Luciano Benetton, Palerme