. Mateo Revillo


Born in Madrid in 1993, Mateo Revillo lives and works in Paris.

Mateo Revillo left Madrid for Paris at the age of 18 in 2011 at the deepest of the economic crisis that hit all Wester world but particularly southern European countries. From that moment onwards, images of collapse and derelict infrastructures have inhabited Revillo’s works that turned into a search for resilient artistic creation against technological dematerialisation and fainting material sensitivity, conditioned by contemporary urban exodus and the dilution of cities as self-sufficient forms of living.

He left France and the Sorbonne one year later to attend the Ruskin School of Art and Drawing at Oxford University, during which he delved deeper into painting and mobile constructions, influenced by 50’s abstract painters from the United States, Spanish El Paso artists but also 60’s Nouveau Realisme and Italian Arte Povera. His higher attention to matter and texture might come from that early sensitivity, that over the years grew into a more complex space and territorial understanding by discovering the works of Land artists from the 70’s as well as for his interest in general and modern western Art History in relation to architecture and society.

After his diploma, Revillo came back to Spain where he had his first solo exhibition, before heading back to Paris in 2016 to display at the Salon de Montrouge and start a research master’s at the EHESS in Territoire, Espace, Société in 2017, while continuing his artistic work in different venues such as the first Fiminco Foundation show, le Cercle de la Horla and the latest edition of Nuit Blanche with the sculptor Edgar Sarin.