. Jot Fau


Born in Belgium in 1987, lives and works in Brussels.

Graduated from a master’s degree at Marseille School of Art and Design (France).

« The harlequin dressed in his cloak of bits and pieces is the very image of the multiple and the multitude. He is not part of any community, but very slightly he is part of all communities. (1) »

Jot Fau considers herself to be harlequin, just like the body of her work, whose forms are fluctuating. Ranging from sculpture to installation, to objects, drawings and video, textile, poetry and handmade clothing. Each intervention is an integral part of the same entity, dug into one single mountain, regardless of the medium used.
The work addresses questions of identity, of doing and becoming, of expeditions and researches, of departures without ever arriving.
An intimate relationship with the material predominates in her work. She takes the time to discover it and to live alongside it. But also the time of touching, manipulating and living the material. That of assembling and then deconstructing it, in order to gradually start its metamorphosis.

Jot was a resident at TAMAT (Tournai, 2012-2013), at Carrefour des Arts (Brussels, 2015-2016), at GRACE (Athens, 2016) and at RAVI (Liège, 2017).

(1) Michel Serres, Le tiers-instruit, 1991