. Antoine Carbonne

Born in 1987 in Paris, Antoine Carbonne lives and works in Brussels since 2015.

After an adolescence spent in the suburb of Paris, he begins studies at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris and then at the Hunter College in New York. At ENSBA, he mainly frequents Philippe Cognée and Jean Michel Alberola’s workshops.
A job as warden in Beaubourg makes him discover the modern artists of the permanent collection; Picabia’s eclecticism strikes him, too.
Another job as stretcher bearer let him discover the epileptic everyday life in a hospital. His first paintings try to draw up a summary of the movement of such an institution.

During his exchange in New York, he is hit by the reading of the minimalist sculptor Tony Smith, who’s interested in the difference between the aesthetic experience lived inside the exhibition space and the one experienced in the everyday life.
This questioning drives him to represent “daytimes” in his first canvas, using a painted-collage technique taken from David Salle.

These assemblies, which turn at first into more simple “emphatic” images close to the advertisement, become more complex again, in a desire to show a hallucination. That is to say the moment when a vision brings about both a memory and the feeling of the future, and leads to or joins up with the pleasure of the apparition of the image which exists in the painting.
In his creative process, he keeps this nearly “chemical” principle of assemblage, which makes each painting an experience and the studio, a laboratory.